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What are the advantages of Mediation?

What is Mediation & How Does it Work?

Family breakdowns such as a divorce or separation are devastating and can ultimately create life-changing situations, particularly when children are involved. Marriage and partnership breakdowns can also lead to other ongoing family disputes that, if left unresolved, tend to intensify and can become extremely traumatic.

Since April 2011 the Ministry of Justice has ruled that mediation must be considered by all parties contemplating separation or divorce before proceeding to court. All parties now have to attend at least one Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) before legal proceedings can be commenced.

How National Family Mediation services Southampton Can help You.

The National Family Mediation Service Southampton can help you to minimise costs of divorce or separation, firstly by offering a court accepted method of negotiating your differences without having to involve solicitors in lengthy and expensive disputes, and secondly, we can offer an out-of-hours or video conference mediation service. Using a Mediation Service can save you money as our rates are much cheaper than paying a solicitor to carry out the negotiations.
Online Mediation
National Family Mediation Service Southampton has been working with the courts and solicitors since 2011, and with the changes to legal aid regulations it is likely to be used by more and more people. NFMS offers out-of-hours mediation and video conference mediation. Divorce and separation are stressful enough without having to go continuously to your employer for time off to sort out your personal problems; so, for those who just find it difficult to do anything in the working day because of their own career commitments, our out-of-hours service may prove ideal.
We  offer mediation during evenings or at weekends, whatever suits you. As well as this service, we are also using video and Skype conference for mediation sessions. This will be particularly helpful for those who work away, who have moved away or have issues with being in the same room as those whom with they are in dispute. The National Family Mediation Service Southampton is determined to make, divorce, separation and family disputes, as affordable and stress free as possible.

The Advantages of Mediation

In the complex landscape of familial relationships, conflicts are inevitable. However, resolving disputes within a family need not escalate into a prolonged and acrimonious legal battle. Family mediation, offered by National Mediation Services Southampton, emerges as a constructive and effective alternative. This article explores the numerous advantages that families can derive from choosing mediation as a means to navigate and resolve their differences.

1. Preservation of Relationships:
– One of the primary benefits of family mediation is its focus on preserving relationships. Unlike adversarial legal proceedings, mediation aims to foster open communication and understanding among family members.
– The neutral mediator facilitates a collaborative process where all parties have an opportunity to express their concerns and interests, fostering a more empathetic and cooperative environment.

2. Cost-Effective Resolution:
– Traditional legal battles can be financially burdensome, with escalating costs for legal representation, court fees, and other associated expenses. Family mediation proves to be a cost-effective alternative.
– National Mediation Services offers affordable and transparent fee structures, allowing families to allocate resources more efficiently towards resolving issues rather than financing protracted legal battles.

3. Timely Resolution:
– Legal proceedings can be time-consuming, causing prolonged stress and emotional strain on the family members involved. Family mediation, however, provides a streamlined process for dispute resolution.
– With National Mediation Services, families can benefit from timely and efficient resolution, allowing them to move forward with their lives and reduce the emotional toll associated with extended legal battles.

4. Confidentiality and Privacy:
– Family matters are inherently private, and the confidentiality of mediation provides a safe space for open dialogue. Unlike court proceedings, where details become part of the public record, mediation ensures that discussions remain confidential.
– National Mediation Services prioritizes the privacy of families, creating an environment where participants feel secure in sharing their concerns without fear of public exposure.

5. Empowerment and Decision-Making:
– Mediation empowers families to take an active role in the resolution of their conflicts. Unlike a court-imposed decision, mediated agreements are crafted by the parties involved, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment to the outcomes.
– National Mediation Services facilitates a client-centered approach, ensuring that families have control over the decisions that will shape their future.

6. Child-Centred Solutions:
– When children are involved in family disputes, their well-being is a top priority. National Mediation Services recognizes the importance of child-centred solutions and works towards creating arrangements that prioritize the best interests of the children.
– Mediation allows parents to collaboratively design parenting plans, fostering a positive co-parenting relationship for the benefit of the children.

Why Chose National Family Mediation Services Southampton?​

Our Mediators

At National Mediation Services, we understand that the success of family mediation rests on the expertise and dedication of our team of skilled mediators. Our mediators are not just professionals; they are compassionate facilitators committed to guiding families through the intricate process of dispute resolution. In this article, we shine a spotlight on “Our Mediators,” explaining who they are and the invaluable role they play in fostering understanding and harmony

At National Mediation Services, our team of mediators is the driving force behind our commitment to resolving family disputes amicably. Their expertise, neutrality, effective communication, customization, empathy, conflict resolution skills, and dedication to professional development collectively contribute to the success of our mediation services. When you choose National Mediation Services, you are entrusting your family’s well-being to a team of professionals dedicated to guiding you towards a brighter, more harmonious future.

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Positive Results

At National Mediation Services, our commitment to fostering positive change within families is at the core of what we do. As families embark on the mediation journey with us, they discover the power of constructive dialogue, empathy, and collaborative problem-solving. In this article, we celebrate the positive results achieved through our mediation process, showcasing the transformative impact it has on families facing conflicts.

Celebrating positive results is not just a testament to the effectiveness of our mediation services; it is a reflection of the positive change families can experience when choosing National Mediation Services. From rebuilding relationships to reducing emotional strain, achieving amicable resolutions, and empowering decision-making, the positive outcomes of family mediation shape a brighter future for families facing conflicts. When you choose National Mediation Services, you choose the transformative power of positive results.


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