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Solicitor Referrals

Solicitor Referrals with National Mediation Services Southampton

We are always happy to speak to Solicitors looking for Mediation Services for their clients –  We also provide a number of other forms, including CW5, which allows you to access ‘Help with Mediation’ as well as the FM1 form, which covers the pre-court application protocol

We have a simple procedure for the completion and processing of these forms:-

This is what we promise to offer referring Solicitors :-

National Family Mediation Services Southampton will provide a clear acknowledgement of your paperwork as soon as we have received it.

After receiving the form, we will contact clients within a 48 hour period to ask if they are willing to attend a Information and Assessment meeting Within a 7 day period we will aim to see if clients can attend further appointments.

You will receive rapid information concerning whether the clients will be attending an information meeting. We will let you know if the procedure is moving to mediation and we will keep you informed at every stag of the process.

Of course, we will encourage clients to take legal advice at each stage of this process. In particular, when sensitive issues concerning children, finance or property are concerned we will be reminding clients of this.

If a client meets the eligibility criteria for legal aid, we will provide them with form CW5, which will enable them to access appropriate advice from their solicitor.

To turn their agreement into a legally binding document will require further insistence from their solicitor so that this can be facilitated.

Our service has been designed to benefit both solicitors, referring agencies and clients.

We can provide additional letters, and forms, at request which introduce the mediation process. We can also provide other mediation, and supporting services including counselling and advocacy for children, We also maintain a very useful database of solicitors and other legal services. Please contact us directly, if you would like any further information, or to access our extensive services.



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